About Us

Payroll Service Solutions was established in 2001 when President, Dan Maggiani decided to take his years of payroll experience and form a company that would cater to the payroll needs of the small business owner. Since 2001 he has built a company that is proud to offer top of the line services for small business owners that they can afford. Payroll Service Solutions sets itself apart from other Payroll companies by not only catering to small and medium-sized businesses but by our outstanding customer service. We understand how precious your time is and want to help you as quickly as possible. When calling Payroll Service Solutions you will never get a machine or go through a series of prompts to get to a person. All of our customer service representatives are extensively trained to handle any problem you may have thus reducing the time spent handling your problem and alleviating time spent by the phone waiting for a return call. We value each and every one of our clients, no account is too small.